Public P2000 messages website hosted via a free-tier Azure App Service plan

I’m collecting Dutch P2000 messages sent out by Dutch emergency services to “page” them. These public FLEX-protocol based messages are broadcasted all over the Netherlands and you can receive them via a cheap DVB-T-receiver. Sometimes, when I hear a siren in my neighbourhood (or wherever in the Netherlands I am), I’m curious as to what is happening. Accessing my smartphone, connecting via VPN en accessing my Elasticsearch cluster via Kibana does mostly satisfy my curiosity, but it’s not a convenient and fast process. Then why not use one of the many P2000 websites that are out there already? I simply don’t like them enough. Also, I love to play around with frontend-stacks (so many choices!), being mostly a backend/infrastructure kind of guy. So, that got me on the look for a cheap (or preferably free-tier) container-based hosting solution that can serve P2000 messages to other curious people like me.

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