Exposing the UniFi Network Controller via a Traefik (v2) reverse proxy

This is about my WiFi network set-up with Ubiquiti Access Points (AP’s) in a home situation, but without having (or wanting) physical hardware for running the Unifi Network Controller software on premise (required for set-up and management purposes). The software is therefore running as a container on a Virtual Machine in the Microsoft Azure cloud and AP’s are adopted by it via the ‘Layer 3 Adoption for Remote Unifi Controllers’ method. Because running the Unifi Network Controller web UI with a proper (valid and auto-renewing) LetsEncrypt web certificate and working websocket connections wasn’t trivial after all, that’s what I’m sharing in this article.

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WireGuard in, OpenVPN out

So I’ve come accross WireGuard, which is the best thing since sliced bread for the (home) VPN. It has awesome features and they sum it up themselves summing it up with it might be regarded as the most secure, easiest to use, and simplest VPN solution in the industry.. I couldn’t agree more.

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My new blog using Hugo

I recently made the switch from a

self-hosted Wordpress-powered blog website on a Docker VM in Microsoft Azure


a statically generated blog website using Hugo, hosted for free by Netlify.

Hugo logo

The reasons for doing so are that Wordpress…

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OpenHAB voor je Intranet of Things (Dutch)


OpenHAB logo

OpenHAB logo

Als je nog nooit gehoord hebt van OpenHAB dan adviseer ik je eerst het artikel ‘Het smarthome komt naar je thuis’ van Jasper Bakker' te lezen. Ik ga in dit artikel dieper in op de concepten en techniek achter OpenHAB en probeer je met een paar voorbeelden te inspireren om je huis (en je leven) verder te verrijken met behulp van dit geweldige opensource project dat al een aantal awards op zijn naam heeft staan.

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